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    EA has just released an update to Monopoly Hotels which has added a new railroad building, specifically the Reading Railroad which is now nestled between Baltic Avenue and Connecticut Avenue.

    Keep in mind that in order to get this update you will need to go to your app menu and update it from there since it won’t update on it’s own like it usually does.

    From what I’ve seen so far, it looks like you can send trains to your Facebook friends which will give them gold. In addition, you can receive gold trains from friends as well. And while I haven’t tried this yet, it seems the best way to take advantage of this new building is to make sure you are Facebook friends with other Monopoly Hotels players and send trains to each other.

    Try it out and let us know how it works for you.



    Upgradedto the railroad version, but now I cant buy rooms or anything. Anyone else experienced that?



    Mette, it appears others have had similar issues with the new update and from what I’ve seen on the Facebook page, EA is suggesting to re-install the game. Basically, delete the app and then download it again and hopefully that will help. Though, make sure you are signed in to Origin before deleting just to make sure your progress is saved to your Origin account.



    Signed in to origin?



    Yes, Origin is EA’s game center and it basically allows you to save your games to the cloud. There’s some information here that shows how you can sign in and out of Origin from the Monopoly Hotels game.



    How do I get the train to depart once I select which Facebook friends to send it too?



    Jamie- You simply have to click on the “Finished” button to send the train out. Make sure you fill your wagons up for the train (the basic train they provide allows you to send up to 3 facebook friends) and receive more gold!



    I’ve sent some trains to people who don’t play Monopoly, but nothing shows up on their facebook feed.  Does anyone know if they get a message? It would be great if I could send trains to everyone I am facebook friends with without them getting a notification if they don’t play.



    That is a good question. I haven’t really tried sending trains to other Facebook friends that don’t play the game, but I have to assume that they do receive some type of notification or message since it seems one of the goals EA had for the Reading Railroad was to help spread the word about the game to new potential players.

    I will test this out with one of my friends who doesn’t play and will report back on whether he gets a notification or not.



    I haven’t received trains in about 4 days, why have they stopped arriving?



    Some people have mentioned that if you log out of Origin and then log back in again, then that should restore your train service. I’d give that a shot and see if it works. Be sure to let us know how it goes :)



    I have been having the same problem since last Thursday’s update.  I have not received any trains.  I have tried 3 times to log out of Origin, then log back in.  Initially, once I log back in, I receive 1 train.  Then nothing.  It doesn’t matter how long I wait.  Any other suggestions?



    I have logged out and back in again a few times today and it takes for ever to get a train, I’ve only had 2 trains today



    I also haven’t seen a community chest slip in almost a week



    Logging in and out of origin Disney working for my trains, I haven’t received a train since my last post



    it’s been a while for me too can’t keep logging in and out that sucks has any one solved this issue yet?



    I noticed that I lost gold if I log out and log in too often so stopped doing it so I haven’t received any trains for several days.

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